Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Eleventh Commandment

Who would have thought a small car accident on his own property would turn Tiger Wood's life upside down? (The paps probably know what these celebs do before the celebs go out and do it...damn!)While the media circus is ridiculous, and with all these women and their mamas claiming to have had sex with Cheater...I mean Tiger...I couldn't help but marvel at how sloppy this dude is. It's like he was begging to get caught.

Now, all of us can probably name 5 - 10 men that we personally know that have cheated on their wives/girlfriends. Asked to come up with the same number of women, we would probably be at a loss. Does that mean women don't cheat as much as men? Of course not! They probably cheat more; it's just that they've mastered "The eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not get caught".

I remember my first year of college in undergrad, my roommate also happened to be my best friend from high school. I was dating a guy I'd met right after graduation and that relationship lasted my entire first year. Everything was going great, but towards the end of the year, I started suspecting he was cheating on me partly because of his sudden change in behavior and habits. That summer, after our first anniversary, I broke up with him because I no longer trusted him. A week later, I found out from my cousin that he was seen at a party cozying up with my best friend. Of course I was shocked! This girl had been my friend since high school. I thought I knew all her secrets...from first kiss, to when she lost her virginity (I had to sleep in another friend's room that night), I could even tell you what she ate for dinner. Plus, we were roommates, had mutual friends and did almost everything together. And I never suspected a thing, nor could I fathom when she was able to do the creeping (turns out when I was busy putting in my 3-4 hours of volunteer work at the hospital, she was getting it in with my man). Had all three of us not had the same circle of friends, I might never have discovered that my boyfriend was cheating on me with my best friend.

I have never cheated on a man, and I like to believe that before things get that bad, I will have tried to rectify the problem or walked out before I cheat. But, I don't know that for a fact (shit happens!) So, if, theoretically, I were to cheat, everything would have to conform to the 11th commandment:

For starters, I would avoid the first blatant mistake Woods made and cheat with someone who has as much to lose as I do. That's key motivation for silence. And silence is the only way to not get caught. When you're a multi millionaire/billionaire cheating with a waitress....'nuff said! This really, is the most important thing. Everything else is common sense: avoid PDA, don't use credit cards, don't call each other, etc. Then again, common sense is not so common...


Shee said...

Am very sorry about what happened to you and your best friend. And yes, women have perfected the art of cheating. I had a friend who had 5 boyfriends at ago. I don know how she managed it, but she did...

SisBigBones said...

5 boyfriends? I can barely manage one. Gotta wonder how people do it. Someone like Woods...between his excellent sport, wife, and kid, not to mention fame, you have to wonder where he found the time and space to sleep with all these women

Anonymous said...

good advice you have there!

Now is there a school where 'men' can learn more about this 11th commandment...? LOL

3TOC said...

LOL amezidi!!!!!!!!!!

One day this will stop making me shake in annoyance- cheating!

jmmk said...

yeah, women most definitely have the upper hand when it comes to keeping affairs a secret. 25 years on this earth has taught me men are sloppy tena to the point of me getting annoyed. like really, if you are going to take time out of your day to be decietful and step out on your significant other at least put some thought into it.

you are right, its like he wanted to get caught. i thought billionaires are paranoid by nature. hasn't he ever heard of prepaid phones? dude left breadcrumbs everywhere and now his business is on CNN. lakini if it will make one soul out there remember that should shit happen the eleventh commandment is key then its all good, right?

SisBigBones said...

@Amezidi...your name reminds me of that fasihi book from high school.
@3T...definitely annoying. I think it's best to let the person know if there's something they're lacking so they can work on it, or if you're no longer feeling them so they can move on
@JM...you are so right! Men are sloppy in almost everything they do. So this is no different! Many simply don't know how to pay attention to details.

kellie said...

Cheating is the worst form of greed.

You don't want to let someone go, but you want what's out there.

The realist in me tells me men will always cheat, so I join you in asking them to never ever get caught. After that, it's downhill.

I've never cheated (opportunities have been there), and I'd sooner walk out of a relationship.

NiKolaS said...

I spectate. :o)

kahawaMoto said...

men ARE sloppy! i've been cheated on too. what annoyed me more is how he still denied it even after i was sure it happened.
insult to injury, he's with that girl now...
i swear if i had a shilling for every time...

boys will be boys!
girls will be smart!

SisBigBones said...

@Kellie, so so true. But if he cheats, I'd rather catch him. I don't wanna catch a disease
@Nik...don't forget to grab the popcorn. I see the dudes are avoiding the comments section like the plague. Ha!
@Kahawa, I guess he took Shaggy's lyrics literally. Pole ma, it hurts to be cheated on. The relationship probably won't last. My ex and ex-friend lasted about 3 months, and once the drama was over, so was their relationship. And it took 2 years for the idiot to come back and apologize and the ex-friend never did.

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