Sunday, December 30, 2007

Where Did We Go Wrong?

I'm not one to write about politics, but after all that's going on, how can I not? My dear Kenyans, what have we done? How did we allow things to go so wrong? I don't recall ever crying over something I've read or heard in the news, but every time I hear about the chaos that have descended upon our beloved country, I can't help but weep. I weep for the many innocent people that are being killed mercilessly in the name of elections. I weep for my fellow Kenyans that are sitting in their homes in Kenya, not knowing what's going on outside the walls of their homes.

After hearing about all the ethnic hatred and supposed ("supposed" because I don't have any "proof" aside from word of mouth) massacre of Kikuyus in Nyanza, I found myself wondering what fate holds for those Luos in Kikuyu land. Immediately, one of my good friends popped to mind and I decided to call her and make sure she and her family are ok. She told me that some people in her neighborhood were going around looking for Luos two days ago and she hasn't come out of the house so she doesn't know if those people are still there waiting.

I was surprised to hear about the extent of the gag order on the media. She has no idea what else has happened in Kenya since Kibaki was sworn in, and all she knows is that there are protests but doesn't know how bad things really are. She has no idea what Raila said about the Uhuru Park meeting at his last press conference. She lamented about the inability of both the government and the opposition leaders to communicate directly to people via the media. She and her family are scared to death.

I am appalled at the sentiments being carelessly expressed online by both ODM and PNU supporters. Despite the fact that Kibaki has won, it doesn't matter that you supported or even voted for him. In my opinion, there is no cause for celebration when the country has degenerated into violence and people are being killed. These same people dying could end up being your family or friends, and even if they aren't, there's still no reason to celebrate when innocent Kenyans are shedding blood and the landscape of Kenya is quickly appearing to be a war zone. Hold your horses and pray for peace.

And those in ODM. Yes, a lot of things went wrong with the results. Still, that's no reason to start preaching hatred and calling for the killing of Kikuyus. Whoever holds these sentiments should be deeply ashamed and needs to seriously do a self evaluation and some soul searching. You can't sit in the comfort of your home abroad and spread hate and death on your brothers and sisters when you know damn well that you are safely tucked away. Think of your brothers and sisters back home.

It doesn't matter whether you're Kikuyu, Luo, or any other tribe. When there's violence, death is indiscriminate. In the end, we will all suffer as Kenyans. Please, let's put our political and tribal differences aside and join together as one nation. We fought too hard for peace and freedom, and no single person is worth throwing it all away in a day. Let's all play a role in restoring peace in our beloved Kenya. And we can start right here on the internet.