Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello World

Blogging is like that ex-lover you just can't seem to forget. Sure, you move on and meet other loves that keep you completely occupied until one day you run into your ex. All of a sudden, you remember the good times you had. You find him looking more attractive than ever. You decide on a cup of coffee and next thing you know, you're in his bed. Well, I happened to be digging through my emails when I came across this old blog of mine. Someone's comment caught my attention and the next thing I know, I'm reading through my old blogs and laughing my ass off. Just last week, I thought to myself that I should start another blog. But alas! Here's one already, full of history. Reminded me of events I had long forgotten. I just turned 30 (escaped to another continent to avoid the "let's find you a husband" party). I'm finally a doctor (yikes!) though still in training. What can I possibly blog about in between 80 hour work weeks and studying for board exams? We'll see. All I know is, I miss writing and I'm gonna give it another shot. I'm looking forward to seeing what others are writing about.