Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top Three Ways...

Another dreary, foggy day. I guess that means summer's over. I'm moving in ten days and I still haven't done jack as far as packing goes, and I'm running around having coffee/lunch/dinner dates with everyone in my life except the one that counts the most: Steve. You'd think I'd be spending every waking minute with him, but it turns out I've only seen him once this whole week (keep in mind we used to see each other everyday). I must be weaning myself off him already.

This will be my first time ever being in a long distance relationship, and I thought it might be fun to hear from the veterans what their opinion is about:

a) Top three ways to make a long distance relationship work

b) Top three ways to ensure a long distance relationship doesn't last

Be creative, honest, funny...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moving On

Do you ever look back and pinpoint a single moment in your life when you knew nothing was ever going to be the same again? When your perspective of the world around you changed and you looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered who that stranger staring back at you was?

Since my last post, a lot has changed in my life. It's been a summer of major growing up and major changes. I finally got the opportunity of a lifetime and I'm about to embark on an incredible journey to build the career I always dreamed about, and to that end, I'm moving to a new city in two weeks. I've never been one to live in one city for too long, and after six years here, I'm ready for the change and looking forward to making new friends and exploring a new environment.

My view of love, friendship, has changed dramatically. And yes, those of you that were following the mini soap opera of my drama-filled relationship with Steve are probably wondering how that whole situation played out. It makes me wanna laugh out loud saying this, but...we're still together, somehow. Now we just have to see how the long distance pans out (I do know that LDRs don't work 99.9% of the time but really, after all the shit we put each other through, we might as well try it). Someday, I'm sure I'll continue where I left off and blog about how on earth I ever forgave him. Maybe I'm crazier than I think.

So, I hope you'll continue reading about the mundane happenings of my life as I read about yours. After all, what's the fun in living if you can't share your experiences (or lack of) with others, huh?

After the storm...

Hello fellow bloggers, after a very long, much needed hiatus, I'm back. I missed you people's blogs and I look forward to reading your funny, serious, crazy, and sometimes meaningless blogs. This time, I'll hopefully have less drama to write about. My life has changed...really :)